Internal Translations

Our website has internal options to see a translation in either Spanish or Traditional Chinese. They can be accessed from the top right of the website.

Internal Translations dropdown screengrab

Google Chrome Translate this Page

If your Google Chrome Browser is already set to your preferred non-English language, you should see the option for Google Translate pop down at the top of the page. 

Your default language is accessed from the 3 dots at the top-right of Chrome, then click on Settings, and from Settings click on Languages.

Header of browser showing Google translate options

Google Translate

If you are in a different browser or the automatic translation option isn’t working, you can go directly to Google Translate to access our website in another language.

At Google Translate, you can set the default language on the left (English in this case) and then pick a language from the drop down arrow on the far right (we circled in purple to show you).

In the box where it says “Website”, enter and click the blue arrow button

Google Translate enter the website and choose the translation

There are many language options available through Google Translate

Google Translate Language options

Once the website has been translated, a header is created on top that shows you what language the website has been translated into as well as offers you the ability to toggle between the original and the translation.

Header of website after Google Translate

Other Browsers

Here’s an article that talks about other ways to translate in other browsers.