TeachTown Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the TeachTown program/curriculum?
    Teachtown is a modified curriculum, covering all required content areas and aligned to the California state alternative achievement standards.
  2. Must students be on the alternative pathway to a diploma to access TeachTown?
    No! Although TeachTown will also support the alternative pathway to a diploma for students who qualify, TeachTown is available to ALL moderate to severe SDC classrooms in SFUSD, for all ages of students.
  3. Which students will have access to the TeachTown curriculum?
    SFUSD has purchased the TeachTown Curriculum for the 2023-24 school year for use in all of our Moderate to Severe SDC classrooms. 88 Moderate to Severe SDC classrooms have access as of 9/21, covering approximately 800-880 students from ages 3-22 (from pre-K to Transition programs).
  4. Will all Moderate to Severe SDC teachers be using TeachTown?
    At this time, it is up to each teacher to decide whether they will use it or not.
  5. What training did teachers receive on working with the TeachTown curriculum? Will there be opportunities for teachers to gain access to the training and curriculum if they miss the training event in August?
    There was an all-staff training opportunity on August 14, 2023. Ongoing virtual training is available for teachers to use on early-release Wednesdays. There will also be 1:1 coaching throughout the year. Many classrooms have already received their first coaching sessions and are actively using TeachTown.
  6. What can families do at home to support student learning? Is there a family-friendly guide available so parents can support student homework?
    Parents can get familiar by viewing the online training modules and more at https://web.teachtown.com/resources/, click on webinars(https://web.teachtown.com/webinars/) to see the training modules, including one that is custom-made for SFUSD. Teachers have the option and may choose to assign homework through TeachTown.
  7. Is the TeachTown curriculum all online or are there physical manipulatives?
    It is both. Here are some example materials.