SFUSD Interpretation is Available

a partial snapshot of the “I Speak” flier that was mailed to all SFUSD schools to be posted in the main office

I want to make sure everyone knows that SFUSD offers interpretation for family communication. Help is offered in 3 modes

LanguageLine for on-demand, over-the-phone interpretation, which is great for

  • Check-ins/ Parent walk-ins
  • Emergency
  • Schedule/confirm IEP and assessment meetings
  • Please note: Language line does not have the technical IEP knowledge to support IEP meetings

Interpretation – Oral communication at IEP meetings

  • SPED case managers request interpretation services based on your home language, entered in SEIS or ParentVue
  • Parents can also communicate their interpretation needs with their SPED case manager in advance 
  • The Translation and Interpretation Unit works with vendors to coordinate interpretation services
  • Interpreters assigned to IEP and assessment meetings are trained and experienced in IEP language needs
  • IEP and assessment meetings take longer (usually double the time) when interpretation is needed, please accommodate teams accordingly

Translation – written documents

  • SPED Case managers request translation service based on your home language entered in SEIS or ParentVue. 
  • Parents can also communicate their translation needs to their SPED case managers 
  • Due to the high volume of requests, it usually takes 10 school days to complete translation. 
    • Contact your SPED case manager if you do not receive the translated version between 2-3 weeks after the IEP meeting takes place
  • We are working on providing translated IEP templates for parents to follow along during the meetings