Meet Our Team

Wendy Neikirk Rhodes
Executive Director
Family Resource Center

Karen Bohall-Ortega, Director of Clinical Support
Matilde Begliomini, Communications Coordinator
Sarah Bennett, Social Worker
Amy Cai, Bilingual Parent Mentor Coordinator
Celeste Chacon, Interagency Collaborative and English Parent Mentor Coordinator
Josephine Cheung, Bilingual Education Coordinator
Myrna Little, Team Lead Family Support
Dennis Lockett, 
Family Resource Specialist
Roxana Lopez, Family Resource Specialist
Sean Lowry, 
Salesforce and IT Manager
Olga Maldonado, Bilingual Parent Mentor Coordinator
Cindia Martinez,  Bilingual Parent Mentor Coordinator
Kenya Martinez, Interagency Collaborative Manager
Marisol Martinez, Family Resource Specialist
Kristina O’Brien, 
Data Director
Laura Perez Nieto, Program Analyst
Christine Reina, Developmental Screening Specialist

Christina Share, Information and Resource Manager
Deminika Spears, Community Engagement Director
Desiree Sheehan, Intake Coordinator
Mukhil Srinivasan, Data Associate
Linda Tung, 
Administrative Coordinator
Flavia Valdez, Bilingual Education Coordinator
JoAnna Van Brusselen, 
K-12 Education Manager
Lisa Yee, Family Resource Specialist
Katty Perea Zevallos, Family Resource Specialist

Family Voices of CA (FVCA)

Tamica Foots-Rachal, FVCA Project Director
Nick Lutton, Program Manager

Early Education and Inclusion Team

Martha Abdelsayed, Early Care and Inclusion Manager
Zulema R. Barron, Developmental Screening Manager
Gillian Davidson, Care Coordinator
Dora J., Care Coordinator
Iris Leung, Care Coordinator
Mariah Martinez, Care Coordinator
Kayla Redmon, Early Learning and Inclusion Specialist
Wendy Reyes, Care Coordinator
Laura Saravia, Senior Inclusion Coach / Community Engagement Specialist

Our Board and Career Opportunities
How to contact our staff

To contact a member of our staff, please call us at 415-920-5040, or you may send an email. Email addresses are made up of the first letter of the staff member’s first name, followed by their last name, and

Example: Jane Smith = [email protected]