In Solidarity and Grief

Support for Families of Children with Disabilities grieves with the families of the precious children and teachers whose lives were senselessly taken yesterday in Texas, and last week in Buffalo, NY and Laguna Woods, CA, and in countless other mass shootings across our country.  Our hearts are broken by the unspeakable tragedy in Texas and by the inaction of our government to stop the public health crisis of gun violence.  We demand action from our elected representatives in all levels of our government to enact effective laws that keep our citizens, including school children, safe from mass shootings.

We also want to express our heartfelt support and gratitude to the dedicated teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, administrators, and other school staff who selflessly work with our children every day.  Thank you for everything you do. You should not have to defend our children with your lives, nor should you have to work in fear.  Schools should be a place of safety, stability, and security for everyone.

As an organization, we work with children and families who are exceptionally vulnerable–children with mobility challenges, cognitive delays, and other needs.  Many of our staff are parents of children with disabilities.  Our children need supports and accommodations to navigate school and the world on a regular day.  When learning about a tragedy, participating in safety drills, or in the unimaginable instance of being in an active shooter situation, our children need additional support and parents, teachers, and school staff need additional resources to provide support.

Support for Families exists to provide information, education, and resources to help families of children with disabilities and other health care needs.  We are sharing some immediate resources here today and will be hosting free workshops throughout the summer focused on discussing difficult events with children and creating safety plans as part of the IEP process for parents.  Together we will grieve, and together we will take action to build a safer world for us all.