Keeping the Lanterman Promise – recording available

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The Golden State Pooled Trust and The Arc of California are pleased to announce that part one of the two-part webinar series on Keeping the Lanterman Promise is now available online.  Part 1 of the series provides an introduction to the Lanterman Act with a special focus on how to manage an Individualized Program Plan (IPP).

A link to the supporting materials can be found in the description on YouTube or by clicking on this link.  

The History of the Lanterman Act is presented by Chad Carlock, an attorney who works with individuals to help them understand, protect and assert their legal rights.  How to Manage an IPP is co-presented by Pat and Tim Hornbecker, full-time human rights advocates and parents of a son with a developmental disability.  Pat is also president of the ARC of California.  They also cover how to deal with disputes and the need for continued advocacy. 

Part 2 in the series, which will be released in February, will cover Advocacy and Resource Programs.