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Would you like to have an exhibitor table at IRC?

We are looking for helpful agencies who serve people with any sort of disability.


Exhibitor table fees are $500 ($50 for non-profits).

Registration deadline, February 28.


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AASCEND-Adult Autism Support and Advocacy
AASCEND unites adults on the autism spectrum, friends, families autism professionals for advocacy, support and action.
Contact us at [email protected]

Autism Center of Northern California
Supporting families living with autism from diagnosis to adulthood with diagnostic assessment, continuity of care evaluation, and ‘LaunchPad’ transition to adulthood.
Contact us at [email protected]

Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area
Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area (SFASA) is a grassroots, volunteer-run nonprofit organization of parents, family members, friends and professionals striving to build a stronger, more connected and influential Bay Area autism community.
Contact us at [email protected]

Bay Area Housing Corp
BAHC shines a light on people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and their housing challenges, we acquire, adapt, and manage quality homes specifically modified for people with I/DD.
Contact us at [email protected]

Bayhill High School
Educating students with learning differences: Whether teaching in person or teaching remotely, Bayhill High School is committed to the success of diverse learners.
Contact us at [email protected]

Bridges from School to Work
We help young people with IEPs and 504s age 17-25 get jobs.
Contact us at [email protected]

California Children’s Services San Francisco & CCS Medical Therapy Program
CCS San Francisco is a public health program that provides Occupational and Physical Therapy to children with specific neuromuscular/orthopedic findings as well as working to case manage and guarantee access to pediatric subspecialty physician care for Medi-Cal eligible children who have medically complex conditions requiring such pediatric subspecialty surgical/medical/rehabilitation care. Our website is in the process of changing.

California Department of Rehabilitation
The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities.

CASE, the Community Alliance for Special Education
Providing special education advocacy services to SF Bay Area families for more than 40 years.
Contact us at [email protected]

CavityFree SF
CavityFree SF’s Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) subgroup aims to Expand dental services for CYSHCN, particularly those in communities with the highest oral health burden.
Contact us at [email protected]

Cedars offers award-winning day programs and residential services for nearly 200 adults with developmental disabilities.
Contact us at [email protected]

Center for Accessible Technology
We work to increase access to technology, digital spaces, and services.
Contact us at [email protected]
Look for is in the AT Lab, room 128.

Children’s Council of San Francisco
Children’s Council of San Francisco connects families with quality and affordable child care and resources so every child in San Francisco can reach their full potential.

Children’s Environmental Health Promotion Program and Fix Lead SF
Free environmental health services to San Francisco families.
Contact us at [email protected]

Chinese Community Health Resource Center
Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC) is a nonprofit organization established in 1989, with the mission to build a healthy community through culturally and linguistically appropriate preventive health, disease education and management, research programs, and advocacy.
Contact us at [email protected]

Compass Family Services
At Compass Family Services, we’re passionate about helping families who are experiencing homelessness and those who are at risk become stably housed, emotionally and physically healthy, and economically self-sufficient.
Contact us at [email protected]

Cortica Research
A community research facility in Marin County offering opportunities to participate in various neurodevelopment-focused studies.
Contact us at [email protected]

Decoding Dyslexia CA
Decoding Dyslexia CA is a grassroots movement dedicated to improving literacy outcomes for students with dyslexia and all struggling readers.  We advocate for equitable access to evidence-based literacy instruction as a fundamental civil right and cornerstone of social justice.

Diversity in Health Training Institute
Our mission is to expand and diversify the healthcare workforce by connecting immigrants to healthcare career pathways in the U.S.
Contact us at [email protected]

Family Support Services(FSS)
We provide FREE Respite/Childcare.
Contact us at [email protected]

FASD Network of Northern CA
To support, inform and advocate for families with a child(ren) with FASD, and the professionals that serve them.
Contact us at [email protected]

Felton Institute
We provide comprehensive early care and education, inclusion and early intervention services for children birth to six years old, including children with special needs, and more.
Contact us at [email protected]

Felton Institute- DCCS
Deaf Community Counseling Services.
Contact us at [email protected]

Galt Advocacy
Representing and training families about special needs programs and benefits such as MediCal, IHSS, Regional Center, Special Education and more.
Contact us at [email protected]

Golden Gate Regional Center
Golden Gate Regional Center is a state- and federal-funded nonprofit organization serving individuals with developmental disabilities in Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

Hanna Academy NPS
Hanna Academy NPS educates, prepares, and empowers students to succeed in school and life.
Contact us at [email protected]

IN: San Francisco
A social service agency that supports persons with intellectual developmental disabilities in many aspects of life.
Contact us at [email protected]

Innovate Public Schools
Innovate Public Schools is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building the capacity of parents and families to organize, advocate, and demand high quality schools for their children.
Contact us at [email protected]

Innovative Education
Contact us at [email protected]

Landmark College Success Center
Personalized coaching for neurodiverse teens, young adults, and adults seeking support in executive function, academic support, transition to and through college, and PEERS Social Pragmatics workshops.
Contact us at [email protected]

Learning for All
We teach thinking so everyone can learn.
Contact us at [email protected]

LEGACY – Lifting, Empowering Generations of Adults, Children, and Youth
Peer support program providing advocacy and case management of resources for transitional youth, and parents and caregivers of children who are being served by one of the various San Francisco child serving systems.

Transition program for ages 18-26.
Contact us at [email protected]

Mi Escuelita en Español
Spanish Outdoor Program.
Contact us at [email protected]

MNC Inspiring Success
Early Education and Preschool services.

Moving Forward Towards Independence
A residential program offering transitional and independent living support to adults with developmental, learning, and autism spectrum disabilities.
Contact us at [email protected]

NAMI San Francisco
Mental health services organization providing peer support services.
Contact us at [email protected]

Orion Academy
College prep high school with a unique program for students on the Autism Spectrum.
Contact us at [email protected]

Parent Leadership
We are looking for experienced parents of children with disabilities who are ready to offer their leadership and input to improve the experiences of other parents.
Contact us at [email protected]

Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University
Our mission is to study and showcase disabled people’s experiences in order to revolutionize social views.
Contact us at [email protected]

Peer Play
Social skills groups for children with autism or other developmental delays.
Contact us at [email protected]

Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center of San Francisco
We offer a range of stimulating, interactive, diverse and enriching social recreation activities for children, teens and transition age youth with disabilities focusing on helping children and teens develop independence, friendships, social skills and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.
Contact us at [email protected]

Project Commotion
Project Commotion is a community-based organization that aims to foster healthy development in children of all abilities through early education, movement and play based classes and camps, and parents and teacher education.
Contact us at [email protected]

Rebuilding Together San Francisco
At Rebuilding Together San Francisco, we provide essential repairs and renovations to help our neighbors stay in their homes and communities.
Contact us at [email protected]

Safe & Sound
Safe & Sound is a children’s advocacy organization working to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact on the child, their family, and our entire community.
Contact us at [email protected]

San Francisco Human Services Agency
Recruitment of Resource Families (formerly called foster families).
Contact us at [email protected]

San Francisco Public Library
The San Francisco Public Library system is dedicated to free and equal access to information, knowledge, independent learning and the joys of reading for our diverse community.
Contact us at [email protected]

San Francisco Unified School District Special Education Department
The SFUSD Special Education Department is committed to providing innovative, effective services resulting in positive outcomes for the life-long success of all students.
Contact us at [email protected]

SF Recreation and Parks Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services
We provide specialized therapeutic and adaptive recreation programs for people who are D/HH or who have disabilities, and inclusion services for any program SF Recreation and Parks offers.
Contact us at [email protected]

SF State Disability Programs and Resource Center
We provide Academic Accommodation under the ADA for post-high school students.
Contact us at [email protected]

SFUSD Community Advisory Committee for Special Education
The Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC) advocates for effective Special Education programs and services and advises the SFUSD Board of Education on priorities in the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).
Contact us at [email protected]

SFUSD Parent Advisories – AAPAC, DELAC, CCEIS and more!
Come talk with us about how to make your voice heard within SFUSD.
Contact us at [email protected]

Shupin Independent Living Community
We offer multiple residential programs and an active social club for neurodiverse adults with low support needs.
Contact us at [email protected]

Special Needs Planning Group
Where Special Needs meet holistic financial solutions.
Contact us at [email protected]

Special Olympics Northern California
Special Olympics Northern California provides free year-round programs for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. We offer training and competitions in 11 sports, inclusive school programs, health & wellness activities, leadership training, and more!
Contact us at [email protected]

Steps Therapy
We provide play-based and naturalistic ABA services.

The Arc San Francisco
We partner with adults with developmental disabilities as they design their futures and transform our communities through lifelong learning and self-determination.
Contact us at [email protected]

The Helix School
School in Marin for students with Autism.
Contact us at thehelixschool.org

The Sequoia Village Schoolhouse
SVS offers after school social-language playgroups and summer camps for school aged students, and a part-time school program for students aged 2.5-5.
Contact us at [email protected]

UCSF center for ASD and NDDs
Contact us at [email protected]

United Way Bay Area
United Way Bay Area inspires and connects people to break the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area by supporting bot the short-term needs and long-term systems change.
Contact us at 550 Kearny St, Suite 510 San Francisco, CA 94108

Wayfinders at Fresno State
Wayfinders is a 2-year non-degree independent living certificate program for young adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
Contact us at [email protected]

What Comes Next Educational Consulting
Student success coaching for young people who are on track to graduate from high school and who are thinking through what comes next after graduation.
Contact us at [email protected]

Wings Learning Center
Non Profit School for students with Autism ages 5-22 years old.
Contact us at [email protected]

Winston Preparatory School / Winston Transitions
Highly individualized private day schools and gap year programs serving students with learning differences.
Contact us at [email protected]

Wu Yee Children’s Services
Wu Yee Children’s Services delivers comprehensive Child Development, Family, and Provider services for young children (0-5 years old) and low-income families throughout the City of San Francisco.
Website: https://wuyee.org– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WuYeeOrg– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wuyeesf/
Contact us at [email protected]

Inclusive Job Board for Neurodivergent, Autistic and Disabled Job Seekers.
Contact us at [email protected]

Zum Transportation
Climb aboard an actual Zum school bus and learn all about how we get our students who require transportation to school in SFUSD.

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