Doctors can unlock Services

Doctors play a crucial role in identifying and directing families with special health care needs and disabilities to the support programs available to assist them.

Some things that doctors may need to certify/sign/refer (when appropriate) can include:

      • Referral to California Children’s Services for a qualifying medical condition

      • Referral to Early Start

      • Referral to Regional Center

      • Prescribing Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy when medically necessary (as opposed to educationally necessary to access school)

      • Autism diagnosis or screening to start ABA services

      • Referral for sedated dentistry

      • Special Olympics

      • Handicap Parking placard

      • Therapeutic Swim at Janet Pomeroy

      • Therapeutic Riding

    Parents are often unfamiliar with the helpful programs they may qualify for, so help from their doctors is essential!