Support at Home

School Aged (6-13)

Explaining Early Start and Lanternman Services

ARCA Resources on How Service Starts for Early Start and Lanterman ServicesAll presentations include ASL interpretation. New infographics are linked at the end.PDF Slides // Diapositivas en PDF Family Perspective – An Unplanned Journey // Perspectiva

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General Housing Assistance Openhouse SF | Resource & Housing NavigationOpenhouse offers guidance to those seeking affordable housing in San Francisco. Our primary housing service is our Housing Workshop, an hour-long

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Learning about ASD from Elemy

These resources come to us from Elemy, (formerly known as Sprout Therapy) an innovative, tech-forward provider of in-home and online applied behavior analysis (ABA) to help children on the autism

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Mental Health and Emotional Regulation

Therapy Dogs: Providing Comfort for Children With Disabilities 

Research shows that people with pets have decreased blood pressure, lower blood pressure levels, increased happiness, and increased opportunities for exercise and socialization(1).

Animal-assisted therapy, a field that uses animals, like dogs, to help individuals recover from or cope with health problems, is gaining public interest in health care.

Therapy dogs have also been a source of comfort for those suffering from illnesses and disabilities. They have helped out at schools, hospitals, disaster sites, providing support to people with learning difficulties and ​developmental disabilities.

Even simple activities, such as positively interacting with a dog, petting, and engaging in fun activities like doga (yoga sessions with dogs), can be beneficial for both humans and animals.

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