Speech / Language Impariment


Special Day Classes in SFUSD

This information is from https://www.sfusd.edu/special-education-specialized-class-locations#30817 Separate Classes with specialized services are offered at some SFUSD schools to provide specialized academic instruction in a smaller classroom setting. Students in Separate Classes

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Finding a Pediatric Speech Therapist image
Learning Disabilities and Sensory Processing

Finding a Pediatric Speech Therapist

A very important consideration is which speech therapist can accept your insurance. To find out, you can check the provider lists from your health insurance company.  Next, you need to

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Learning Disability Info Pack (English)
Learning Disabilities and Sensory Processing

Learning Disabilities Info Packet

Learning Disabilities Info Packet Support for Families has produced the following information packet to assist families and professionals with their search for essential information and access to resources.  We hope

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Mental Health and Emotional Regulation

Therapy Dogs: Providing Comfort for Children With Disabilities 

Research shows that people with pets have decreased blood pressure, lower blood pressure levels, increased happiness, and increased opportunities for exercise and socialization(1).

Animal-assisted therapy, a field that uses animals, like dogs, to help individuals recover from or cope with health problems, is gaining public interest in health care.

Therapy dogs have also been a source of comfort for those suffering from illnesses and disabilities. They have helped out at schools, hospitals, disaster sites, providing support to people with learning difficulties and ​developmental disabilities.

Even simple activities, such as positively interacting with a dog, petting, and engaging in fun activities like doga (yoga sessions with dogs), can be beneficial for both humans and animals.

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