Complex Medical Needs

Assessment and Screening

Doctors can unlock services

Doctors are very important in screening and referring families with special health care needs and disabilities to the programs set up to assist them. Some things that doctors may need

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GGRC Guide to Understanding Services

Golden Gate Regional Center has created a variety of literature to aid individuals and families who are receiving or who may be interested in receiving services from the regional center. Much of that

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Music Therapy around San Francisco

Music Therapy can be helpful for a variety of conditions Learn more in this research article published by the National Institute of Health. Here are some places to find

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An array of hygiene items including toothbrush

Overcoming Challenges with Dental Care

Dental care for children with disabilities can pose extra challenges for children and youth with special health care needs. Toothbrushing and Flossing Teaching oral care can bring extra challenges. For

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Explaining Early Start and Lanternman Services

ARCA Resources on How Service Starts for Early Start and Lanterman ServicesAll presentations include ASL interpretation. New infographics are linked at the end.PDF Slides // Diapositivas en PDF Family Perspective – An Unplanned Journey // Perspectiva

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Stanford Adult Autism Checklist

Parents of children with autism are often overwhelmed by the complexities of transitioning out of the school system into the fragmented system of adult care. This checklist from Stanford Autism

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Housing Modifications for Independence

Click here to read the latest newsletter from the Resource Development Workgroup. This month’s topic is home modifications. Home modifications include DME, assistive technology, universal design features, remodeling and renovation. Did

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Support at Home

Rare Disorders, See Updates

Rare Disorders Fact Sheet Updated! CPIR has updated its Rare Disorders fact sheet, where you can investigate the over 7,000 known rare disorders/diseases, find genetics information, learn about relevant laws

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