Autism Services branch at DDS

DDS has a new Autism Services branch.  They describe themselves as being at the intersection of DDS, CBOs, and the Regional Centers and can work to address systemic issues and

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Special Day Classes in SFUSD

This information is from Separate Classes with specialized services are offered at some SFUSD schools to provide specialized academic instruction in a smaller classroom setting. Students in Separate Classes

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Finding a Pediatric Speech Therapist image
Learning Disabilities and Sensory Processing

Finding a Pediatric Speech Therapist

A very important consideration is which speech therapist can accept your insurance. To find out, you can check the provider lists from your health insurance company.  Next, you need to

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Le Tusa “Passion” for Healthy Sexuality

Le Tusa Inc offers specialized therapeutic services and skill acquisition services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  One of their programs, Le Tusa “Passion” teaches adults

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Early Learning (0-5)

Interconnect Therapy

About Interconnect Therapy | Is Interconnect Therapy Right for Me? | Interconnect Therapy Practices Do these parenting challenges sound all too familiar?If yes, reach out to learn more about parent-child

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School Aged (6-13)

Explaining Early Start and Lanternman Services

ARCA Resources on How Service Starts for Early Start and Lanterman ServicesAll presentations include ASL interpretation. New infographics are linked at the end.PDF Slides // Diapositivas en PDF Family Perspective – An Unplanned Journey // Perspectiva

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