Autism Services branch at DDS

DDS has a new Autism Services branch.  They describe themselves as being at the intersection of DDS, CBOs, and the Regional Centers and can work to address systemic issues and also can sometimes provide technical assistance to families who are stuck.

If families are having trouble getting behavioral health services through health insurance (including trouble getting a denial letter) the regional centers have been authorized to provide these services! 

Families and encouraged to reach out to Autism Services at DDS to facilitate the timely provision of services.

Contacting the Autism Services Branch at DDS

Email: [email protected]

DDS Autism branch shared the article below regarding racial disparities in Autism diagnosis

National Institute of Health Article: Disparities in Diagnoses Received Prior to a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Abstract This study estimated differences by ethnicity in the diagnoses assigned prior to the diagnosis of autism. In this sample of 406 Medicaid-eligible children, African-Americans were 2.6 times less likely than white children to receive an autism diagnosis on their first specialty care visit. Among children who did not receive an autism diagnosis on their first visit, ADHD was the most common diagnosis. African-American children were 5.1 times more likely than white children to receive a diagnosis of adjustment disorder than of ADHD, and 2.4 times more likely to receive a diagnosis of conduct disorder than of ADHD. Differences in diagnostic patterns by ethnicity suggest possible variations in parents’ descriptions of symptoms, clinician interpretations and expectations, or symptom presentation.