SFUSD Tips for Stress and the Return to School

What Caring Adults Need to Know

Returning to our pre-pandemic routines can be clunky or unfamiliar. California’s Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, gave us a playbook at the beginning of the pandemic and it still holds true for how we return to school. She suggests these stress busting ideas for kids that help with the return to school: 

Stress-Busting for Kids (page 3):

  • Step 1: Talk about what’s going on

  • Step 2: Keep kids connected to their networks

  • Step 3: Build a routine for you and your family

  • Step 4: Keep to your routine

Strategies for Kids (page 5):

  • Supportive relationships

  • Exercise daily

  • Healthy sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Mental and behavioral health support

  • Mindfulness, meditation, prayer

You can use this self-care template for kids (on page 7) to help your family set goals together to support your overall health.