Math Resources in SFUSD and Beyond

This is a list of resources shared at our recent CAC meeting on Math Interventions for students with special learning needs in SFUSD. Our presentation was from the SFUSD Math department. Our presenters were:

Math Department presentation There are many, many helpful links in the body of the presentation. What you see linked below is just some of the ones shared during the CAC meeting.

SFUSD Math Strategy Videos

SFUSD’s Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines in Math

SFUSD Response to Intervention (RTI) in Math

SFUSD Math Curriculum

SFUSD Recommended Virtual Manipulatives

California Alternate Assessment Performance Level

SFUSD Family Letters / Cartas para las Familias / 家長信

Links to external resources

What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?

Top ten tips for families from the Ronitbord website!

Virtual Manipulatives

A helpful resource that described explicit instruction from the National Council on Learning Disabilities

Select Q/A

Q: Are these UDL supports available when students are taking the CAASP?
A: Most, but not all, supports will be available through remote testing for CAASP.

Full CAC Meeting Slides

CAC Presentation (View Only) with embedded math slides