IEP Dispute Resolution

What can you do if you feel you and your school do not agree in the IEP meeting or if you feel like the IEP is not being followed?

  1. Talk to your school IEP team. You can request an IEP meeting at any time.

  2. Talk to your child’s Special Ed Supervisor (see chart)

  3. Contact Support for Families (Email:[email protected], Phone: (415) 920-5040)

  4. Contact SFUSD Special Ed Ombudsman, Julia Martin (Email: [email protected], Phone: 415-319-4811)

  5. Alternative Dispute Resolution, see SFUSD’s policies and supports at If you have any questions about how this process works in our district please contact Adriana Aro at [email protected]. She is very friendly!

  6. Compliance Complaint. A compliance complaint asks the state to investigate whether IDEA is being followed, it can not make changes to your IEP.

  7. Due Process. Can also cover issues that the Compliance Complaint cannot. Almost any issue can be resolved before this step.

Support for Families can help you throughout this whole process, so please reach out to us at any step along the way. We can help you in English, Spanish or in Cantonese. We can explain the process and connect you to resources.