Scribbles – Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Scribbles, written and illustrated by Theresa Mackiewicz

I was very honored to be chosen as a reviewer for the annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2021. The book I am reviewing is Scribbles, written and illustrated by Theresa Mackiewicz.

I really enjoyed this book because it shows an inclusion teacher or resource specialist or classroom aid in action. I have never read a book showing how this additional staff works in a classroom to help one specific child in various subjects.

Scribble, a budding artist, is struggling in math and English and failing in both. She feels unable to follow the classes so she draws. She has almost given up hope. Enter Mrs. Sunshine ready to help. She gets to know Scribbles and her love of frogs and drawing. Scribbles trusts and likes her. Mrs. Sunshine works with both teachers and they strategize on how to use Scribbles talent and to teach a little slower for her. The result is a success!

The book includes additional information for the parents and teachers on how to use the book and techniques to try. The author is also the illustrator. She uses a lot of frogs in her drawings since that is Scribble’s favorite animal. They are brightly colored and eye-catching. The author is also a special education teacher with an understanding of struggling students and how a regular classroom operates. She also plans a series of books on other disabilities.She has a website at with more information. The reading level is about third grade.

I want to leave you with her positive statement that appears often:

” Just remember…Close your eyes and dream…You will get there.”

Elaine Butler, Librarian