Support Groups

Support for Families hosts many helpful support groups.

You can see the full list here, with Information, meeting times, flyers dates, and how to register.

Please join us, to get some support AND to share what’s working for you with other families!

You might also be interested in these support groups with these other helpful organizations.

1.  National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI ) has started a couple of Peer Support groups for African American and BIPOC communities (18+). See BIPOC Flyer.

Here is the link for the family support groups from NAMI,;  for family members or relatives with mental illness. Among the groups, they offer a weekly support group for parents of teens and young adults.

The parent support group from NAMI also offers an Online Parent Community. To join the online parent community parents can contact the organizer at [email protected].   With this community, parents can ask questions of parents in similar situations, advice for dealing with SFUSD, find professional references, etc.

2.  Willows in the Wind a non-profit organization that works with parents of teens and young adults in high-risk situations including those in wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools. For more information please visit They also offer Parent support groups.

3.  Family Sanity (East Bay Support Group):

4.  CHC (Children’s Health Council) offers virtual support groups for special interests areas such as Learning differences Parent Support group,  Anxiety Parent Support Group and ADHD Parent Support group, see CHC- Parent Support groups