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Juno Duenas, Executive Director

Family Resource Center

Matt Cherry, Development Director
Joe Goyos, Education Program Director
Steve Vigilante, Support Services Program Director
Gus Gunn, Data Director
Nina Boyle, Community Projects Manager
Jan Watson, Contract Grants Manager
Ali Barclay, Information & Resource Manager
Micaela Azzopardi, Caregiver
Karen Baca, Assistive Technology Specialist
Martha Barrera, Caregiver
Marteal Barton, Caregiver
Sarah Bennet, Social Worker
Elaine Butler, Librarian
Michelle Cochran, Caregiving Coordinator
Jasmin Gauci, Family Health Liaison/Family Resource Specialist
Alfred Gelasio, Accountant
Dennis Lockett, Family Resource Specialist
Felix Lopez, Education Coordinator/Family Resource Specialist
Sean Lowry, Program Coordinator
Olga Maldonado, Family Resource Specialist
Christine Reina, Family Resource Specialist
Joan Selby, Parent Mentor Coordinator
Kristine Thai, Education Coordinator
Linda Tung, Administrative Coordinator
JoAnna VanBrusselen, Parent Mentor Coordinator
Kiely Watt, Program Coordinator
John Wong, Social Worker
Lisa Yee, Family Resource Specialist

Family Voices of CA (FVCA)

Pip Marks, FVCA Project Director
Allison Gray, FVCA Project Leadership Manager
Sara Godley, FVCA Communications Associate


Family Resource Center Network of CA (FRCNCA)

Debbie Sarmento, FRCNCA Manager


Help Me Grow (HMG)

Nadia Thind, Director


SF Inclusion Networks (SFIN)

Amy Pacio, Director
Alison Stewart, Special Needs Inclusion Network Manager
Sonia Valenzuela, Family Involvement Manager
Zulema Rubalcava, ASQ Trainer & Coach
May-Ling Joa, Inclusion Coach
Ramya Krishna, Inclusion Coach
Mary-Jane Roebuck, Project Coordinator
Debra Rolf, Inclusion Coach


Goli Mahdavi, SFCD Board President, is an attorney in San Francisco practicing commercial litigation in the financial services sector.  She has been a member of the SFF Board since 2013.   She first learned of SFF through her pro-bono representation of a young child with developmental disabilities.  It was through that experience that she learned first-hand how vital SFF’s services are to families of children with disabilities.  She is honored to have the privilege of giving back to such a great organization as a part of its Board of Directors.  Goli and her husband Tom live in San Francisco and enjoy cooking, bird-watching, and sailing.

Laura Lanzone, SFCD Vice President, is a full time Realtor at McGuire Real Estate and has two disabled step children (one has Cerebral Palsy and the other is severely Autistic) that she has been raising for the last twelve years.  She is extremely involved in her community and is a member not only of the Board of Directors of Support for Families, but she also serves on the Board of the Marina Community Association.  Laura came to Support for Families when she first married her husband, who was a widower, and needed guidance and resources for the children.  She is forever grateful for the help they provided and is thrilled to be able to give back to such a worthy organization.

Kimberly L. Webb, SFCD Board Secretary, is a lawyer who works part-time as a contract’s subject matter expert.  She and her family relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from Texas in 2010 pursuing more appropriate educational opportunities for her daughter with developmental delays.  Kim became affiliated with Support For Families through her volunteer work with the San Francisco Unified School District’s Community Advisory Committee for Special Education.  Finding support for her family at SFCD, Kim became a regular attendee at the Information and Resource Conference, annually contributed to the SFCD wine + design fundraiser and volunteered as a parent mentor.

Diego Valderrama, SFCD Board Treasurer, joined the Board in 2012. He is an economist and has lived in San Francisco since 2003. He is the parent of a funny, sweet and happy little boy who also happens to have some disabilities. The cause of the disabilities are as of yet undiagnosed, and sometimes this lack of a “label” has made it harder to receive necessary services. Diego’s family has benefited tremendously from Support for Families which has become a second home to them. They have attended support groups, resource fairs, and multiple social events. Diego became a Parent Mentors in 2011 and has spoken to outside groups about the work that the organization does. Diego believes that children with disabilities should be fully integrated into our society and recognized for their abilities. He hopes that one day all schools, public and private, shall teach all children together regardless of their varying abilities.

Jake Block is a Director at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management in San Francisco helping families and institutions. He has finally reached the point where he has the courage and capacity to give back to his community and is a member not only of the Board of Directors of Support for Families, but he also serves on the Board of the Lafayette (CA) Community Association.  His interest in SFF was sparked by his young daughters friendship with a classmate with special needs.  It reminded Jake that as someone who overcame his own childhood disability with the support of his family and community it was time to provide the same support he once so desperately needed. He lives in Lafayette with his wife, Bethany, and two children, Estelle and Isaac. 

Elizabeth Brogna

Eileen Davidoff Boussina is an attorney who has practiced law in the areas of entertainment litigation, First Amendment law, complex environmental litigation and public entity defense. In 2006, she and her husband, Nersi, had their son, Michael. She joined SFCD as a way to learn how to navigate the world of disability and to find resources that were available to her special needs child and her family. Initially she joined the Tuesday Night Parent Group for parent-to-parent support, and then attended invaluable informational conferences and workshops. She participated in an intensive learning series about Special Education Law and went on to become a Parent Mentor. On occasion, she has spoken on parent panels to doctors and nurses, and has advocated on behalf of children with special health care needs in front of the State Legislature. In early 2010, she joined the Board of Directors of SFCD and has served on the Fundraising Committee. SFCD is an organization near and dear to her heart. Her personal interests include traveling, cooking, reading, photography and, most of all, being in the company of her beloved family and friends.

David Fazio is the Founder and President of Helix Opportunity, a business development and business related disability services consulting firm. David consults with organizations on how to provide innovative environments, products and services that bring all customers together to share in a meaningful experience. He is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury in 1996 (brain aneurysm/hemorrhagic stroke). David has been active in the disability community for almost 20 years. He is the author of Harmony At Work (volume I of a soon-to-be 3 part series) on how to define and design meaningful experiences with a provocative purpose that includes customers of any functional, language and cultural ability to share in together. 

Kathy Bello Shepherd, a credentialed special education teacher in private practice with a licensed psychologist, provides collaborative psychoeducational evaluations in San Francisco. Prior to starting her practice, she taught special education in public schools and witnessed first hand the need for the valuable support and resources provided by Support for Families. She is honored to be able to give back to the community by volunteering for such an important organization. Kathy also volunteers with the Bay Area Association of Disabled sailors (BAADS). She and her husband, Bart, live in San Francisco with their two daughters one of whom has a diagnosed learning disability. 

Laurie Strawn and her husband, Lee, remember telling their daughter's pediatrician during her 3 month old well-baby visit, "Wow! Julia sure is a Lefty. She does everything with her left hand!" From that point on, life has been an adventure and at times a challenging one, with the diagnosis that Julia was a pre-natal stroke survivor.  Laurie got information about Support for Families soon after Julia's diagnosis, called and got a parent mentor to talk to, a parent support group to attend, and trainings and workshops covering a wide range of topics and information necessary to parents raising a child with cerebral palsy. Laurie became a Parent Mentor, speaks when needed on parent panels for future educators, doctors, and nurses, and joined the board in 2008. Laurie and Lee are active performers at theaters around the Bay Area and stay very busy keeping up with the amazing nine year old that Julia has become.